July 23, 2008

Some of you may use, have used or know of tint task manager (ttm), a simple light weight task list with a pleasant and configurable aesthetic. The project showed very little progress, until someone else (?) decided to hack on the code and come up with an improved version of the task list: tint2.

The improved version added extra configuration abilities as well as drag/drop support, but is clearly intended to be more than just a task list. The latest release, 0.6, added among other things a configurable clock, and launchers seem to be planned. Like some panels, Tint now also automatically sets a margin for it so that other windows cannot overlap it and the task list always remains visible (unfortunately, you can’t make this optional, as far as I can tell, so I cannot use 0.6 for my tabbed desktop effect…)

To install it on Ubuntu Hardy, you’ll need to install the following dependencies: libcairo2-dev libpango1.0-dev libglib2.0-dev libimlib2-dev libxinerama-dev

The configuration file is still fairly straightforward, but contains a lot of extra features over ttm. If you get lost in all the settings, you’ll be happy to know that a manual with pictures (in pdf format) is available on the tint2’s website.

If you like minimalistic configurable panels this is a project to keep an eye on. If they add a system tray and launchers, I’m sure many users will replace pypanel with tint2.


23 Responses to “Tint2”

  1. K.Mandla said

    +1 for tint2. I usually run without a panel (I use the middle-click button for the nested desktop menu) but when I tinker with a panel I always end up using tint2.

    I’ve never been much of a fan of pypanel, and it always surprises me that people are. (I think it might have something to do with some very old tutorials and wiki pages that mention pypanel in the first breath with Openbox. ๐Ÿ™„ )

  2. aztektum said

    How did you install it? I tried to compile the source but get an error.

  3. aztektum said

    *pf*, nevermind. i dunno what changed but i decided to try again and it installed w/o a problem.

  4. tallman said

    I have installed the dependencies you listed by myself, but this is what I get:

  5. toodumbforgentoo said

    I built a deb for tint2 in my PPA:

  6. Mark said

    I tried to install bbdock and got this

    checking for X… no
    configure: error: bbdock requires the X Window System libraries and headers.


    I know I’m not using a standard xwindow manager, but surely the above mentioned packages are installed by default :/

  7. Mark said

    Sorry, Wrong section.

  8. urukrama said

    Do you have libx11-dev installed?

  9. Mark said

    Yes. Yes I do.

    Maybe this should be moved to the dzen thread?

  10. laptopugilist said

    You can in fact use the new version for the tabbed desktop effect…if you use the Obconf margin options to block off the top and turn off all window decorations. This is actually what I’ve done on my OLPC, where I’ve found your tabbed desktop just amazing.

  11. laptopugilist said

    You can in fact use the new version of tint for the tabbed desktop effect, by setting the Obconf upper margin to the height of your tint bar. This is actually what I’ve done on my OLPC XO, where I’ve found your tabbed desktop superlative. Those screenshots inspired me to try OpenBox, and several days later I’m extremely glad I did.

  12. urukrama said

    Yes, I know I could play with the margins, but than the window decorations are not covered by tint and you still see them, unless you disable those in Openbox’ rc.xml.

  13. laptopugilist said

    It’s true, but I find that the lack of window decorations enhances the ‘tabbed’ feel. Yay rc.xml!

    name=*, class=*: maximized, no decorations

    I’m a convert. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. toneman77 said

    Hi. I’m just experimenting with tint2 and like it so far… what I can’t find is 1. how to display all tasks from all desktops and 2. how to stretch the panel over both of my two screens… anyone can help me out ?


    btw: your ob articles are awesome.

  15. urukrama said

    There is a “panel_mode = multi_desktop” option, which will show all tasks from all desktops.

    I only have one monitor, so I don’t know if it is possible to have the panel stretched over both your screens. There is a “panel_monitor” option in the tintrc, but as far as I can tell that is only to display it on a single screen.

    The documentation I link to in the post (the pdf file) is quite detailed. It might answer your questions more fully.

  16. toneman77 said

    hi urukrama. thanks for your answer. multi_desktop shows all tasks, thats correct. but groups them. i have 14 tasks right now on the first deskt. mail on second etc. so these 14 are all “packed” in 400 pixels.. I’ll check with the author if theres a solution.


  17. toneman77 said

    sorry. incomplete infos from me. i have 4 desktops, so tint reserves 1/4 of the 1600 of the first monitor for the tasks of dekstop 1. i wanted to use all of the width for all of the tasks. im using the svn version of yesterday ( ithink it was version 13)

  18. CC said

    You forgot the dependency libxrandr-dev

  19. jzenk said

    Thanks, toodumbforgentoo! Your deb works perfectly.

  20. mjheagle8 said

    does anybody know how to make tint2 show only the icons, and not the name of the task?

    • polofst said

      To show icons and not the name of the task, there are two variables in the tint2rc file:

      task_icon = 0
      task_text = 1

      just switch the numbers.

  21. Shiva said

    Is there any config I can tweak to change the behavior of the tasks that are blinking in the background?

    Like when a minimised chat window is trying to attract my attention, I want it to change shading and blink till the chat window is clicked.

  22. Uditha Madumal said

    I Love Tint2 Task Bar on Ubuntu 11.10 It’s great. Thanks.

    Uditha Madumal

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