And here, with some delay, is my review of 2009.

As I mentioned a year ago my desktops generally reflect my mood. I chose a particular wallpaper and a matching theme or colour scheme that speaks to me at the time. The pictures that follow thus capture 2009, as I lived it.

Last year I did not change my desktop that much. I found a few themes I really liked (Umbra, Children of the Earth, Eidolon and Salvage on the four computers I’ve used last year) and stuck with them or repeatedly revisited them.

I’ve mainly used Openbox last year, but when I discovered Musca, that became the default window manager on Mitra (and the only screenshot you see of that was my desktop for a very long time).

Yantra and Mitra are laptops (an 8 year old Compaq and a 9 year old Dell respectively). Loka is a desktop of a similar age, while Grantha is my office computer. Yantra was my main computer up until October, when I began to use Loka more (after neglecting it for a few years). The screenshots are grouped per computer and ordered chronologically (oldest first), as good as I could remember.

All the screenshots of Mitra and Loka below are of Debian Testing (first Lenny, then Squeeze), with the exception of the first Loka screenshot which is still of an Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper) install. Yantra and Grantha run Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy).

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