Inspired by this, I created a dmenu script that gives me easy access to my most used configuration files (Openbox’ rc.xml and menu.xml, conkyrc, gtkrc-2.0, etc.). The script is entirely based on my source of inspiration; the only ‘substantial’ thing I did (apart from creating all the necessary aliases) was to make it window manager independent and remove the Awesome components. The script is probably quite rough, and the same could perhaps have been accomplished in a simpler and more elegant way, but it works. 🙂

If you want to give it a try, download the script, saved it in a safe location (like ~/.scripts), make it executable (chmod +x ~/.scripts/config_dmenu_script), and map it to a keybinding in your window manager (I use Alt+F5).

You will need to adjust the script to be able to use it. All the aliases direct dmenu to the location of these configuration files on my computer; they won’t be located in the same place on yours (unless you are also named urukrama 😉 ). I use mousepad as my default text editor; replace it with whatever text editor you prefer. You can also adjust dmenu’s settings (colours, font, position, etc.) on line 45.