Xelatex and Gedit

February 7, 2011

For all my Tex needs, I use Gedit with the excellent Latex plugin. For a while I used Texworks. I particularly liked its “Jump to pdf” and “Jump to source” feature (which I wish more Latex editors would implement), but in the end, its sparse customisability or lack of extensibility and its fairly basic default features led me back to Gedit (after a brief stop at Gummi, a young, but promising Latex editor).

The Gedit Latex plugin uses rubber to build the pdf of your text file. I write my documents in Xelatex, however, and not in Latex, because I need Unicode fonts (for Devanagari and diacritics). As it turns out, it is really easy to use rubber with Xelatex. Simply add the following line to your .tex file:

% rubber: set program xelatex


4 Responses to “Xelatex and Gedit”

  1. Stefan said

    Thanks for that tip!

  2. Willi said

    Awesome! Best and most elegant solution I have found for my Xetex needs.

  3. Thanks said

    This is great. Thank you very much.

  4. Great to see a person discussing pdf.

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