2009: The year in screenshots

May 20, 2010

And here, with some delay, is my review of 2009.

As I mentioned a year ago my desktops generally reflect my mood. I chose a particular wallpaper and a matching theme or colour scheme that speaks to me at the time. The pictures that follow thus capture 2009, as I lived it.

Last year I did not change my desktop that much. I found a few themes I really liked (Umbra, Children of the Earth, Eidolon and Salvage on the four computers I’ve used last year) and stuck with them or repeatedly revisited them.

I’ve mainly used Openbox last year, but when I discovered Musca, that became the default window manager on Mitra (and the only screenshot you see of that was my desktop for a very long time).

Yantra and Mitra are laptops (an 8 year old Compaq and a 9 year old Dell respectively). Loka is a desktop of a similar age, while Grantha is my office computer. Yantra was my main computer up until October, when I began to use Loka more (after neglecting it for a few years). The screenshots are grouped per computer and ordered chronologically (oldest first), as good as I could remember.

All the screenshots of Mitra and Loka below are of Debian Testing (first Lenny, then Squeeze), with the exception of the first Loka screenshot which is still of an Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper) install. Yantra and Grantha run Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy).


Openbox 3.4.7, with the Hue de Spa Openbox and Gtk theme (modifications of the HueTheSpa themes), the Gnome Alternative icon theme, and a wallpaper from deviantart. I also had a similar setup with Sithwm.

Openbox 3.4.7, with the Verve Openbox and Gtk theme, Iris icons, and a home-made wallpaper.

Openbox 3.4.7, with the Children of the Earth Openbox, Gtk and icon theme. The wallpaper is a picture I took in the cathedral of Colmar, France. I’ve long used a very similar setup of Grantha.


Awesome 2.3.6

Musca 0.9.24 with the Eidolon Gtk theme.


Xfce 4.4.1 and Openbox 3.4.4, with the Groove Gtk and Openbox theme, nuoveXT icons, and a favourite painting by Caspar David Friedrich.

Openbox 3.4.7, with the Umbra Openbox and Gtk theme, and the Iris icon theme.

Windowlab 1.37

Enlightenment (E16), with the eGirl theme.

Openbox 3.4.7, with the Umbra Openbox and Gtk theme, and the Iris icon theme.

Openbox 3.4.7, with the Umbra Openbox and Gtk theme, Iris icons, and a photograph by Ansel Adams as wallpaper.


Openbox 3.4.7, with the Salvage Openbox and Gtk theme and Eikon icons.

6 Responses to “2009: The year in screenshots”

  1. Sam Weston said

    Some really nice screenshots there. I ended up going back to Ubuntu (with Gnome) when Karmic came out and kind of miss my Openbox/Awesome/IceWM desktops.

    What music player are you using in the last of the Yantra screenshots? I’ve been using Alsaplayer but it’s limited playlist functionality is starting to annoy me.

  2. urukrama said

    That would be cplay. It might not help you out much, as it is fairly limited in functionality too. (The other player I use on Yantra is GMPC, which is a very decent MPD client).

  3. Manni Fauster said

    hi uruan i found the krama,

    where can i found the Children of the Earth icon theme?

    Great work wowowo……

    thanks in advanced


  4. urukrama said

    I haven’t released that icon theme yet. It still needs quite a bit of work (particularly with the action icons).

  5. jengtron said

    hi urukrama, in the screenshots in which you’re using ansel adams photograph as the wallpaper — could you tell me what application displays the clock in the upper right? i’ve been looking for an app like this for ages!

  6. You clearly have great taste my friend.
    I can tell from the music you hear (found in the screenshots), the wallps you choose and the whole minimalist desktops showed here that it would be awesome to use that setup looking to the snow through the wiindow.
    A very melancholic setup, I should add.

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