Installing Openbox 3.4.5 on Dapper

January 8, 2008

A new version of Openbox has just been released. Not much has changed, though. A few translations have been added or updated, a few bugs have been fixed, and a new feature has been added. You can now easily exit Openbox from the command line, with the command openbox –exit. That alone was enough for me to upgrade.

My karma is such that compiling any application that I really want always proves more cumbersome than I had expected. Something as simple as ‘./confgure, make, sudo checkinstall’ becomes much more troublesome, and I get unexpected error messages.

When I attempted to install Openbox 3.4.5 on my Dapper machine, ‘make’ told me it couldn’t find libobrender and libobparser. I remembered this had been an issue before, and I got around it with the following commands:

 sudo ln 
 sudo ln

Then I could compile the source with the usual:

 ./configure --prefix=/usr 
 sudo checkinstall

Gutsy probably won’t give as much trouble installing this version of Openbox; I’ll try that out later. If you are an Arch user, use the pkgbuild.

Perhaps this is another sign that it might be time for me to upgrade all my computers to a more recent distro šŸ˜‰


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